We were tired of working with inflexible and expensive digital publishing tools that seems to the dominate the digital publishing industry today. An industry where you need to have a sizable paying audience just to be able to pay for the tools. Unlike regular webdesign digital publishing is not designed “Mobile first”. We wanted to change that with Galore Magazine magazine concept. The magazine is built for mobile and made to be read on the go. The file sizes are small with snack sized content. 8-12 articles per issue published on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

Built in HTML5
Digital magazines on tablets are typically around 100-200mb per issue if they include video and interactivity. This is fine if you’re reading the magazine on a tablet on a wi-fi connection but smartphones are used on the go and downloading a 200 mb file on a bus on your way to work is not a great experience for the user and can be very expensive as well. We built the magazine in HTML5 which means that each issue is around 50mb in size and are quick and easy to download.