The Scandinavian magazine Lyd & Billede wanted to relaunch the tablet edition of their monthly magazine in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Together with the editor-in-chief, Peter Gotschalk, we redesigned and relaunched the magazine and put together a campaign for owned media and Facebook to attract new users which resulted in more than a 1000% increase in downloads on the first issue and the magazine debuted at #1 in App Store and #2 on Google Play.
Teaser trailer
Released a month before the relaunch of the first issue.
Issue trailers
After the release of the latest issue we made a trailer for it.
About the magazine
The design was adapted from the original print layout to the digital edition but we added a lot of interactivity to the pages like slideshows, hotspots with additional info and auto playing videos. Every issue was 76-116 pages and was published in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish at the same time.​ 

The launch
The magazine debuted at #1 in App Store and #2 on Google Play in Denmark and stayed there for quite a while.