Teambox is a digital penalty jar used on soccer teams to keep track of player fines. Touchlogic developed the app and I was hired to design it in collaboration with the client.
Every project starts with a workshop with the client where we decide which features to include in the app. We also map out every state in the app on a whiteboard, so everyone is clear on what every button and interaction in the app does and why. Every idea is welcomed at this stage of production, but a lot of the workshop is spent on moving features to possible later versions. When everybody is happy with the board, we move on to the design phase. 

The client found two apps that they really liked, the Danish EasyPark app and Nike Run Club. Two apps that a first glance seem very different, but they are both very user friendly and have a distinct visual identity - something that we should aim for as well with the Teambox app.

Logo process
The app title was "Bødekassen" (Penalty Jar) during development but the name changed just before release. Below are sketches from the design phase as well as the final logo.
Initial UI sketches
Final designs