Hey everyone! I’ve gotta share something pretty cool that’s been changing the game for me at work

I’m always on the lookout for tools that can spice up my creative process, and let me tell you, ChatGPT has been like finding a hidden cheat code.

ChatGPT as a Virtual Assistant

Imagine having a virtual assistant that’s dialed into your work as a designer, helping you brainstorm new features for projects or smooth out those user flows. That’s ChatGPT for me. It’s become my go-to for bouncing ideas around, almost like having a brainstorming buddy on call 24/7.

A real-life win with ChatGPT

Here’s a fun story: my team had a chance to go to the OFFF conference in Spain next year, but the budget only allowed for two spots, and guess what?

Everyone wanted in.

To dodge a potential showdown, I decided to tackle the problem with a bit of creativity.

Enter my little project: a ‘pick-a-winner’ randomizer website.

With ChatGPT’s help, I coded this website from scratch.

It’s a straightforward setup where you punch in names, and it picks two winners at random. The goal was to make the selection process fair, transparent, and, let’s not forget, a bit fun for all of us.

Even though the design was simple, it did the trick beautifully. The drawing went off without a hitch, and the team loved the approach. (A tiny bummer for me—I didn’t get picked, but hey, that’s the game!)

You can check out the website here: Try the ‘pick-a-winner’ randomizer.

What’s Next?

This little adventure with the randomizer website got me thinking about the possibilities of integrating AI into my workflow even more.

I’ve been dabbling in small experiments like this, but now I’m curious to see how I can take things up a notch and weave AI into bigger projects.

Let’s chat about ChatGPT

Seeing firsthand how ChatGPT can impact design work has been an eye-opener, and I’m just scratching the surface.

I’m planning to share more stories about how this AI is reshaping my workflow so keep checking back if you want to read more about my adventures with ChatGPT.