Design trends are always evolving, so staying on top of the latest techniques and tools is crucial if you want to continue working in the field and not get left behind. With an extensive library of courses, Skillshare offers many different courses for continuous learning and skill development so you continue to be at toptier designer. This blog post highlights five Skillshare courses every designer—beginner or seasoned professional—should consider taking.

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Bring Your Midjourney Concept to Life with Blender 3D

Speed up your creative process by utilizing Midjourney and Blender. in this course, Bring Your Midjourney Concept to Life with Blender 3D. This course invites you to bring your imagination to life, creating charming kawaii characters using the free open-source software, Blender 3D.

A perfect starting point for aspiring 3D artists, you’ll learn essential modeling techniques, texturing, and geometry nodes, even without any prior knowledge of 3D software. A guiding hand from an experienced 3D artist will help you master lighting and rendering techniques to create a visually stunning scene.

Character Animation: Simulating 3D Turns with Adobe After Effects

Take your animations to the next level with Character Animation: Simulating 3D Turns with Adobe After Effects. For many years I avoided doing any kind of character animation because doing 3d turns and character animation was so hard. If you want to learn how simulate 3D in 2D, check out this course. It’s ideal for animators, graphic designers, and creative artists, teaches you how to simulate 3D character turns with 2D animation without using plugins needed.

Learn to organize illustrations effectively, prepare your character for animation, and create engaging 360º character turns. It’s hard, but worth it!

Video Editing Magic: Create Scroll-Stopping Masking Effects

One of the best decisions I have made in my career so far has been to learn how to edit and animate. I used to work with editorial design and most other designers could only work in QuarkXpress and Indesign, but because I also knew how to edit and animate, I got offered a lot of jobs over other designers.

Discover the magic of video masking in Video Editing Magic: Create Scroll-Stopping Masking Effects. Taught by Keenan Lam, a cinematographer with over 100k followers on IG, this course will guide you through the many possibilities of video masking. Learn how to blur out objects, build titles, and create special effects that will stop your audience in their tracks.

Drawing People in Pattern Outfits: Stylized Character Illustration in Procreate

I attended art school back in 2000 where we had to draw everything by hand (yes, I’m old). Our instructor had previously worked many years. in the fashion industry so all of our assignments where based on fabrics and drawing. I would have loved a course like this back then, because I struggled a lot with those types of assignments.

The course is perfect for beginners and will guide you through constructing a character using stylized shapes, designing outfits, and even creating a vibrant pattern for your character’s outfit. You’ll leave the course with a colorful, unique character illustration under your belt.

Level Up Your Hand Lettering: A 7-Day Challenge to Learn Lettering Art

A few years ago I got really into lettering. I watched a lot of courses on Skillshare, and followed all the great lettering artists on Instagram and practicing every time I got. I sadly never stuck to it as my daughter had just been born, so my priorities changed and I forgot about it again. It’s a skill I could’ve used throughout my career if I had practiced more, so if you like lettering, consider taking this course.

In this 7-day challenge, you’ll build a daily routine to improve your lettering skills and develop your own unique style. This course is great for beginners and intermediate hand lettering artists, teaching you the difference between lettering and calligraphy, composing appealing layouts, and balancing your piece with flourishes.


These five Skillshare courses offer a comprehensive educational experience for designers of all levels. Each course is structured to provide you with a solid foundation of skills, whether it’s 3D modeling, animation, video editing, character illustration, or hand lettering. And the best part? You can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like.

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