So many ideas, so little time

Ever felt overwhelmed by a whirlwind of ideas, yet constrained by the ticking clock? That\’s been my life for a while. 

Why the ticking clock? 

I work full-time as product designer, have two young kids and a wife which leaves me little time to work on side projects. The only way to find time for all of this is to have a strong focus otherwise all my projects ends up as list items in my never-ending Notion database. 

The problem is that my focus is terrible. Sometimes I wonder how I actually manage to get anything done on a daily basis. 

Back when I was freelancing, focus wasn’t a problem, because I had a deadline and would get paid for my time. 

Now, that I’m working on my own projects instead, staying focus has become a big problem for me. 

It usually starts like this: A new idea presents itself. I then dive into research, binge-watch every related YouTube tutorial, and sketch out designs in a flurry of Figma artboards. 

A prototype or a month\’s worth of content might emerge from this frenzy of creativity. But then, a new idea catches my attention, and the cycle repeats, leaving unfinished projects in its wake. 

A Simple Shift

Recently, I\’ve discovered a small yet powerful tool – writing down my goals. It sounds basic, but it\’s been transformative. When the allure of a new project tempts me, I simply check my goals. This simple act refocuses my energy, helping me resist the siren call of new ideas and return to my ongoing projects. 

A Happy Accident

This newsletter is a product of that cycle. Initially, it was a distraction while researching a problem in Framer. Yet, unlike other projects, writing these newsletters has become a joy I didn\’t anticipate. 

It\’s a space where I can share my thoughts freely, unlike the concise format required on platforms like Twitter. 

The Challenge of Consistency

Consistency is often hailed as the key to success. I\’ve struggled a lot with it, but documenting my goals for 2023 and 2024 has been a game-changer. 

It helps me confront procrastination head-on, especially when I hit roadblocks in my projects. 

Your Thoughts?

I\’m curious to hear from you. How do you maintain focus amidst a sea of new ideas? Any strategies or tips you\’d like to share would be greatly appreciated. 

Closing Thoughts

As 2023 winds down, it\’s time to buckle down and complete those lingering projects. My quest for focus continues, and I hope my experiences resonate with or inspire you in your own journey. 

Warm regards,